Hysteroscopic Myomectomy with the MyoSure® XL Tissue Removal Device


Thursday, November 20th at 9:30 AM EST - Now On Demand

Watch a LIVE surgical demonstration of a hysterosocpic myomectomy featuring the MyoSure® XL Tissue Removal Device - now on demand. Gynecologic surgeon, Botros Rizk, MD, performed the myomectomy LIVE from Springhill Medical Center in Mobile, AL. Danilo Herrera, MD, provided commentary and hosted the program.

The webcast was presented LIVE during the AAGL’s 43rd Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology at the Vancouver Convention Center. Audience members at AGGL and online were encouraged to send in their questions, which the surgeons answered during the LIVE webcast.

For gynecologic surgeons seeking a fast and convenient way to remove intrauterine pathology, the MyoSure Hysterscopic Tissue Removal and Aquilex Fluid Control Systems offer a fully integrated solution. Working together the two systems make it simple to quickly remove polyps and fibroids while maintaining uterine form and function.

The Aquilex fluid control system is designed to give you the highest degree of control during MyoSure hysteroscopic tissue removal procedures. As the MyoSure tissue removal device simultaneously cuts and removes polyps and fibroids, the Aquilex fluid control system balances steady fluid inflow with active suction to optimize uterine distention and provide a clear field of view – free from tissue debris.



Danilo Herrera

Danilo Herrera, MD

Botros Rizk

Botros Rizk, MD, FACS

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